6th Grade girl

Paige Anderson 

Paige is the perfect example of to love how Jesus loves. She is always ready to help those around her and go out of her way to express a loving relationship with her classmates. Paige is always positive, caring, and respectful to everyone around her no matter the situation.

6th Grade boy

Jeremiah Rodriguez

Jeremiah always has a smile on his face and is loving towards everyone. He works hard in and outside of the classroom to aid his classmates and/or facilitators with any task. He is always making people laugh and is just a light as soon as he walks into the classroom. Jeremiah inspires others to be loving just as he is and he truly shows his love for God.

7th Grade girl

Autumn Blackburn

Autumn approaches each day and each person with love and selflessness. She has practiced such great composure and devotion to having a positive impact in the classroom. She gives all those around her the same level of respect and acceptance, always offering help and advice when she can. She always goes above and beyond to ensure her peers feel loved and that they matter.

7th Grade boy

Eric Roady

Eric embodies what it means to love others. He shows up for his classmates and friends each day both in and outside of class. Eric cares greatly about his peers and ensuring they are at their best. Learners describe him as being very wise and giving the best advice to help them grow.

8th Grade girl

Lucy Moons

Lucy exemplifies what it means to love like God loves us. She speaks kindness and love into all those around her, including her peers and facilitators. Lucy is patient in all situations and has always shown sacrifice and service to help her peers. Both inside and outside of class, Lucy shares joy and gentleness no matter the circumstances. She has such a positive impact on our school and inspires others to be as loving as she is.

8th Grade boy

Josiah Llamas

Josiah demonstrates love for others and God every day. He fights for others to be kind and accepting of all people. Josiah shows his peers what it looks like to be a good friend and classmate every day. He is patient, always offering his knowledge to help others succeed, and gives others his best every day. His love for God and desire to find joy in all things serves as an impactful model for his peers.