8th grade: Carter B. and Ameerah J. 

Carter: Carter shows great kindness and selflessness to those around him. He always wants to be a great teammate and works hard to create outstanding projects. He has a positive attitude towards those around him and offers to work together whenever the opportunity arises. He uplifts those around him both inside and outside the classroom.

Ameerah: Ameerah demonstrates selflessness towards her peers during group projects, classroom tasks, and outside the classroom. She is always encouraging those around her and helping anyone who needs it. She is enthusiastic when it comes to teamwork and is such a great partner to have.


7th grade: Ryder M. and Alana F.

Ryder: Ryder is an outstanding learner and partner. He is the first to offer help to all those around him. He approaches each day with positivity and accountability for those on campus. He inspires our learners to be their best selves and make the school a better place.

Alana: Alana radiates joy and kindness. She gives space for other learners to be themselves while also motivating each other. She is an exceptional partner who holds her peers accountable while also cheering them on. Both in and outside of class, she pushes herself to be her best while doing the same for everyone on our campus.


6th grade: Calvin T. and Charlotte G. 

Calvin: Calvin is always happy to serve others. He enjoys supporting his peers during projects, and always goes the extra step to make sure everyone’s ideas are heard. He is also such a great help around the classroom, and will even stay behind to make sure our classroom is clean and organized.

Charlotte: Charlotte personifies Matthew 5:16 in that her light points others to God. She’s never self promoting and always trying to think about others. She never hesitates to help others, and her selflessness extends way beyond the classroom.