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When can Learners in our Virtual Learning Classroom transition back on campus?

  • Virtual Learners may return to campus when restrictions are lifted, or when parents are ready, whichever comes later, space permitting.

Can on-campus Learners move to being Virtual Learning Classroom Learners? 

  • The Virtual Learning Classroom is a flexible option that Learners may enroll in now, or transfer into later if needed.  It can also be available to On-campus Learners when they are ill or on vacation (On-campus tuition still applies).

Is 6th grade now an Elementary grade or is it still considered Middle School? 

    • 6th Grade is still part of the Middle School. However, due to reduced classroom capacity stemming from required lower Learner to Facilitator ratios, we will take K-6th grade Learners for the On-Campus program on a first-come, first-served basis.

Virtual Learning Experience

Who will facilitate our Virtual Learning Classroom?  Will it be the same Facilitators from the On-campus classroom?

    • Virtual Learners will be a part of the On-campus classroom experience by joining the class virtually through online platforms when Facilitators offer direct instruction.  Online Learners will also be included virtually on some projects with their classmates.
    • Direct On-campus instruction will also be recorded and made available “on-demand” to the Virtual Learners who are not able, or do not wish, to join the class live.
    • Work assignments for both On-campus and Virtual Learning will be posted on Canvas, and due dates will be the same.

Will Virtual Learners join On-campus learners for on-campus activities?

      • Virtual Learners will only be able to join On-campus Learners via technology from home.  There are no plans to invite Virtual Learners on campus until our restrictions are lifted.
      • The only exceptions to having Virtual Learners on campus will be for our after school athletic/sports programs and to audition for CCS Performing Arts Productions.

On-Campus Experience

  Will the children be allowed to eat and play together outside?

  • Outside activity, including lunch, recess, PE, and other outdoor activities will be provided to the degree that we can assure our Learners’ health and well-being.  Healthy play is a very high priority!  We won’t have details until August because guidelines are changing so quickly.

What safety measures will be required On-campus when children are outside the classrooms?

  • Because our Learners’ safety and wellness is our top priority, we will adopt appropriate safety measures in August according to County guidelines.

Will there be Chapel?

  • We are confident that we will provide a meaningful Chapel experience for all of our Learners, including those in our Virtual Learning Classroom!  Unfortunately, we won’t have details until August because guidelines are changing so quickly. 

Will there be On-campus activities like Library, Computers, Art, Music, PE?  

  • CCS On-campus learners will have weekly opportunities with our enrichment activities like Visual Art, Music, Library, Performing Arts, and P.E. 

Will my child be able to see/play with friends from other classes?

  • We will make decisions regarding the blending of classrooms in August when appropriate safety measures can be determined.

Health and Safety

What safety measures will you adopt for classrooms?

  • We will make decisions regarding the use of safety measures, including the use of masks and shields, later this summer when appropriate safety measures can be determined.  We will help our Learners to maintain safety according to the guidelines in effect when school opens.  We will ensure, however, that our Learners will be able to collaborate appropriately.

Will there be well checks every day?

  • Parents are required to determine their Learners’ wellness at home, prior to coming to school.  If a Learner has a fever or cough, he or she must stay home.  Any learners who exhibit signs of sickness at school will be taken to the office so they can be evaluated.  If a fever or coughing is present, the Learner must be picked up.

How would Crossroads handle any discovery of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus?

  • Crossroads will abide by our County’s guidelines for responding to a confirmed case of COVID-19 on our campus, whatever they are at the time.

Other Program Questions

What will things like sports, after care, plays, etc look like?

  • CCS On-campus learners will have weekly opportunities with our enrichment activities like Visual Art, Music, Library, Performing Arts, and P.E.   

Will there be Daycare?

  • Yes, Crossroads Christian School offers an After-school Daycare program through May, daily until 6pm. Sign up HERE*Space is VERY limited due to COVID-19 guidelines.*

High School Specific Questions

Will the learners be allowed to eat together at lunch and sit outside? Or will they have to eat at their tables they sit at during the day and stay 6ft apart? 

  • Our CCHS campus will be open as in the past and we will find wonderful collaborative space for class time, breaks, and during lunch. 

Will they be moving from classes throughout the day or will they remain at a social distance in their same seat during the day? 

  • Every class of learners will be moving from classroom/lab space to numerous spaces that are truly collaborative while using 21st Century tools within areas that adhere to the current COVID-19 regulations. 

Will you still have extracurricular events, such as Sports, Global Eats, or Night of Entertainment?

  • CCHS continues to receive information and guidelines from CIF concerning Athletics, and will adhere to those throughout this season. Our Global Eats will be open and we will have Performing Arts. 

For Seniors: If we decided to take the first few months of school off to homeschool, not online from CCHS, would my Learner(s) be allowed to transfer late? If the space was available of course, and her grades and schoolwork was from an accredited school.

  • We pray your Learner will be able to join us this fall. However, if you should decide to find another form of education for the required coursework for her Senior Year, the courses must have ACSI/WASC Accreditation and UC Approval. Prior to selecting a program other than CCHS, talk with our High School Office to be sure it would match our academic requirements.   

Does CCHS give refunds to donors who give tax-deductible gifts for Missions trips?

  • Gifts and donations to our School for the purpose of Missions are tax-deductible, and we are very clear that there are no refunds.  Alternative Missions opportunities will be offered in the event of a CCHS trip cancellation.  Right now, we plan on Mission Trips in the Spring ‘21. 

Will any appropriate safety measures adopted in the classrooms be applied to and followed by Facilitators and other staff? 

  • Safety measures will apply to both Learners and any faculty or staff in the classrooms.  We will work hard to integrate any safety measures into our Collaborative 21st Century Learning environments so that the essence is preserved..