CCS: A small school community featuring big school benefits:
  • An educational approach addressing the whole student spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Strong academics and honors courses
  • Biblical world-view taught across the curriculum and in weekly chapels
  • Technology integrated learning, computer and S.T.E.A.M. classes
  • Programs and electives including art, music, P.E., sports and afterschool classes
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Welcome to Crossroads Christian High School, a Collaborative 21st Century learning environment that is a college-preparatory faith-based school.  I am honored to serve as the Executive Principal for CCHS.  My passion is to carry forth the Vision and Mission of the school in developing the skill sets necessary in seeking knowledge to best live out God’s purpose in our lives, and empower a school culture that instills a culture of Unity, Engagement, Global Service, and Ownership.

We wholeheartedly believe that we are truly “better together” than apart.  We are intentional in building unity amongst the diversity of our learning community by celebrating our uniqueness while working together for common goals.  Our ability to collaborate with one another is only successful when we build relationships and work with others through effective communication and socialization skills.  CCHS is building a culture that seeks to learn from the uniqueness of every individual and celebrates how he/she uniquely contributes to our learning community. When we are unified in the midst of diversity, we model a transformed spirit.

We are a Christian community that aims toward compassion and purpose.  We engage in relationships with one another with the same veracity and intentionality as we approach our academic studies.  We learn more effectively when we know that “we are not alone” and that “we are cared for.”  CCHS simultaneously prepares Learners for academic achievement as it prepares them for engaged, compassionate service.  Our entire staff models and expects engagement at every level.

We are a learning community that seeks awareness and understanding of global issues as we are committed to serving the needs of others.  We expand our Learner’s world-view by utilizing leading innovative technologies that allow them to access global events for service.  We participate in “hands-on” Service Projects and Mission Trips in our local, national, and global communities to give our Learners the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the community, while serving needs of others and developing their personal passions.

Our Learners understand that they are academically responsible to engage in every opportunity presented to them.  Our Facilitators challenge our Learners to think critically by activating their content specific coursework through life experience activities and assignments.  CCHS encourages Learner’s toward success and ownership of learning by developing their Academic 4-Year Learning Plan.  This plan outlines the minimum academic courses and timelines of accountability.  We at CCHS are committed to doing whatever it takes for our Learners to enter in the nations four-year colleges and universities.  We are a school community of Administrators, Facilitators, Learners, and Parents that, together, play an integral role in the school’s success.

I welcome you to visit our website ( and tour our campus to learn more about our educational learning environment and unique opportunities for your Learner.  Please feel free to email us ( or call us (951-520-3091) to schedule a tour or receive information about a Crossroads Christian High School education.

Best Regards,
Dr. Joleen D. Smith, Executive Principal
Crossroads Christian High School