CCS: A small school community featuring big school benefits:
  • An educational approach addressing the whole student spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Strong academics and honors courses
  • Biblical world-view taught across the curriculum and in weekly chapels
  • Technology integrated learning, computer and S.T.E.A.M. classes
  • Programs and electives including art, music, P.E., sports and afterschool classes
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Graduation Requirements

Using a semester system, learners must earn 340 units to graduate.

Bible 4 Years
English 4 Years
Mathematics 4 Years
Laboratory Science 3 Years
Research Science 1 Years
College Prep (Freshmen Foundations, Sophomore Strategies, Junior Judication, Senior Seminar) 4 Years
Foreign Language (full immersion) 4 Years
Performing Arts 4 Years
Geography 1 Years
World History 1 Years
U.S. History 1 Years
U.S. Government 1 Semester
Economics 1 Semester
P.E. 4 Semesters