CCS: A small school community featuring big school benefits:
  • An educational approach addressing the whole student spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Strong academics and honors courses
  • Biblical world-view taught across the curriculum and in weekly chapels
  • Technology integrated learning, computer and S.T.E.M. classes
  • Programs and electives including art, music, P.E., sports and afterschool classes
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Applying to CCHS

We are excited that you are taking the next step in becoming a Learner at CCHS.  We look forward to assisting you through this process.  Please let us know how we can service you in completing this part of your application.

Admissions Application
  • Download and complete the Application and return it to the CCHS Office
  • From there, our Administrative Team will process the necessary papers toward the next step of Registration
School Records and Transcripts
  • You will fill out a Request for Cumulative records form for us to obtain your learners’ records from his/her previous school.
  • Once the applicant has been accepted to CCHS, parents will receive an email with Registration instructions.
Placement Assessments
  • Once all of the necessary forms have been completed, you are asked to schedule a date and time to complete the CCHS Placement Assessments
  • A three hour block is given for taking the assessment