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Production Teams

Each production team plays an integral role in putting on each production.  All learners take on specific roles within their production teams, and together the school works together to build, market and execute each production.


The cast team involves those who have auditioned and received a part in that semester’s play.  All cast members are also apart of another production team that they will join, and contribute to, on days when rehearsal is not required.

Set Design Team

The set design team is responsible for conceptually coming up with the design for the set, alongside the director.  After the conceptual stage, blue prints and scale models are created of each scene.  Finally, the set design team is responsible for gathering all necessary materials and constructs the full size set to be used for production.

Props Team

The props team is responsible for deciding what props will be needed for the entirety of all productions. Once a props plan has been established, the team designs, builds, refurbishes and networks with the local community to receive donations in order to gather and complete the props list prior to production. During production, the props team partners with the sets team to become the crew and coordinates and runs all scene changes and set transitions.

Technology Team

The technology team works alongside the director in designing the technology for each production and running all technology during production.  Some of these elements include lighting, microphones, special effects, etc.  Additionally, throughout production, the tech team is in charge of photography and videography, as well as creating trailers and full-length films for each production.

Marketing Team

The marketing team heads up all the marketing for production.  This entails anything from social media advertising, writing articles for local newspapers, setting up fundraisers to raise the necessary funds for production, seeking out donations from local businesses, setting up and running various raffles during production, etc.  Additionally, the marketing team is in charge of putting together a business plan for each production based on the scope of the project, as well as producing bi-weekly expenditure reports and an overall expenditure report at the conclusion of each production.

Costumes/Hair/Make-up Team

The costumes/hair/make-up team is responsible for designing and sewing all costumes for production.  Additionally, this team is responsible designing hair and make-up for each cast member that is appropriate to their character(s) they are playing.  During production, each member of this team is assigned cast members that they are responsible for fully costuming, including hair and make-up, during all shows.

House Team

The house team is responsible for designing what the house will look like during production, including seating, concessions, museum displays, etc.  Additionally, the house team runs the box office where all tickets are purchased and finalized.

Culinary Arts Team

The Culinary Arts team develops a thematic menu for each Fine Arts event, researches recipes, learns how to prepare each menu item, and finally prepares all planned concessions for each production.