CCS: A small school community featuring big school benefits:
  • An educational approach addressing the whole student spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Strong academics and honors courses
  • Biblical world-view taught across the curriculum and in weekly chapels
  • Technology integrated learning, computer and S.T.E.A.M. classes
  • Programs and electives including art, music, P.E., sports and afterschool classes
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work?

We offer two levels of Homeschooling for K-12 students.  Level 1 is a full time homeschool program; parents are at home with their student(s) 5 days a week.  They meet with the administrator 4 times each year to turn in paperwork and touch base on the progress of students.  ALL families are required to attend our “back to school/info night”.  Level 2 is available to students in grades K-6 and is our “Wednesday School” program.  Students complete 4 days a week of schooling at home each week and then are on campus each Wednesday for classes.  Classes included are Chapel, PE, Computer Lab, Library, Music, and Art. There is an additional monthly fee for Wednesday School.

Can I homeschool with Crossroads if I live out of state, or out of the country?

Crossroads is not a distance-learning program. Our homeschool program must comply with the educational code of the State of California. Families living in another state/country should seek a homeschool program that understands and adheres to the educational laws of that state/country.

What are your fees?

Our fee schedule is available here.

What curriculum do I use?

Each parent has the right to choose his or her own curriculum.  CCS does not give a stipend to purchase curriculum.  Each parent is responsible for providing their own curriculum for each of their students that are being schooled at home.  There are many free resources available online, as well as used-curriculum websites to purchase lower-priced curriculums.  You can request curriculum counseling with the CCS Homeschool Administrator if you need suggestions or more guidance in choosing programs.

Can I take classes with other programs?

Yes, you may take classes with other programs like ICAP or Grace and Glory Academy, as long as that program does not require enrollment in their PSP.  Because CCS functions as a PSP, we do not allow dual-enrollment in other programs that also function as a PSP.  But, if the program simply offers supplementary classes, then you are free to incorporate them into your school week and your lesson plans.

What is a PSP?

PSP stands for Private Satellite Program.  PSP’s are authorized by the State of California to enroll homeschool students and record keep for them.  PSP’s are responsible for reporting to the state of California and verifying that your student is, indeed, enrolled in school.

Do you have anything for my 7th -8th grader?

Currently we only offer Level 1 for our 7th and 8th  We may create a “Wednesday School” experience for our 6-8th grade students in the future, but this program is not yet available.  For this school year, your 7th and 8th graders are invited to try out for and participate in our middle school sports teams and join after school activities.  Parents are encouraged to start Home Bible Study groups, participate in field trips, and clubs for their students at their own discretion.

What happened to the High School Homeschool Program?

High schooler students are welcome to enroll in our program, but only as Level 1 students.  We are not currently offering on campus classes for high school students as an option in CCS Homeschool.

How do I join your program?

Our admission application and forms can be found on the website here. Contact the homeschool administrator for an appointment to review the completed application and necessary forms.

When does school start? Start/End dates? 

Crossroads School officially begins the 3rd week of August, and the school year ends during the last week of May. Homeschool families may begin and end at any time, as long as administration is aware of each family’s schedule.

What if I like to homeschool year-round.  Is this okay?

Yes, homeschooling year round is perfectly fine, as long as your student completes a minimum of 175 days in the school year.  Since there is no one in the office during the summer months, you will be required to keep records during those months and submit them at the beginning of the school year.  Please be sure that you are specific about your homeschooling plans with CCS Homeschool Administration at the very beginning of the school year.

How will I find out about after school activities and sports?

Once your student is registered, you will be added to the CCS Homeschool e-mail list and will be notified of events and sports via email.

Do I have to volunteer if I am a part of your school?

If your student is enrolled in level 2, then yes, we ask that you volunteer as opportunities arise during the school year.

Do you have a program for my Pre-K student?

We are not accepting enrollment for any pre-K students at this time. However, you may implement preschool activities and/or curriculum at home, or include your preschooler in lessons with older children. You will not be required to keep any records if you choose to homeschool your preschooler. Your student must meet the age criteria for entering kindergarten to be eligible for official enrollment in our homeschool program.

Will my student receive a diploma if we homeschool? 

Yes, students receive a CCSH (Crossroads Christian School Homeschool) high school diploma.

Can my high school student return to public school after trying homeschooling?

Possibly. Since our home school program is not accredited, there is a possibility that your local public school will not accept home school high school credits for transfer. Some public schools will also not accept credits from online schools or public charter schools. Homeschooling during any portion of the high school years is a great commitment that may be required through graduation and should be considered carefully.

Why not join a charter school and receive government help with homeschooling? We can still teach with Christian curriculum, right? 

Charter schools are part of the public school system, and like other public schools, have no religious affiliation, although they may promote a variety of specialized academic disciplines. California Department of Education Code states: Charter schools and non-charter schools may teach about religion, but may not teach a sectarian curriculum. EC Section 47605(d) requires that a charter school be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations.

Why would I need to join CCSH, when I can file my own affidavit independently?

Joining Crossroads Christian Homeschool Program brings opportunities for fellowship, support, group socialization, and accountability! Our activities encourage families to connect with other private, Christian home school students in our community. If your student desires to attend college or join the military, a diploma from a school listed on the CDE website, can be very helpful, if not required.