CCS: A small school community featuring big school benefits:
  • An educational approach addressing the whole student spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally
  • Strong academics and honors courses
  • Biblical world-view taught across the curriculum and in weekly chapels
  • Technology integrated learning, computer and S.T.E.A.M. classes
  • Programs and electives including art, music, P.E., sports and afterschool classes
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Expected School-wide Learning Results

Capable Communicators

  • Share with others their personal relationship with God
  • Exhibit an increasing ability to articulate and defend their faith
  • Read, write, speak and listen effectively and critically
  • Gather, organize and effectively communicate pertinent information
  • Use technology as an information resource consistent with biblical philosophy and values
  • Develop communication strategies using technological tools.

Compassionate Servant-leaders

  • Have accepted or been challenged to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior
  • Discovers God-given abilities while leading in selfless service
  • Demonstrates Christian morals, ethics and integrity through positive, productive citizenship
  • Understands the biblical definition of leadership as service to others, driven by love
  • Contributes to the community as active and informed citizens

Self-directed Learners

  • Take personal responsibility in the learning process
  • Establish, pursue and accomplish realistic and challenging personal goals
  • Work diligently to be a good steward of time and resources
  • Achieve competence in core subject areas as well as other coursework
  • Use technology to enhance and facilitate learning
  • View learning as a life-long process

Christ-centered Students

  • Pray daily to God for direction and read His Word daily as a source of truth.
  • Worship God through vocal and instrumental music
  • Experience artistic expression through a variety of creative opportunities in the fine and performing arts
  • Develop and maintain physically fit bodies because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Participate in athletics with a Christ-like character