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  • Anti-microbial film installed on every high traffic door handle and countertop
  • Visitor Management System enforced at all front offices to background check and track who is on campus at all times
  • Key Fob System to grant front office access to authorized personnel only
  • Automatic locks installed on all classroom doors in case of emergency
  • Protexus “fogging” machines to disinfect playground equipment after each use

Face Coverings

  • Learners: At this time, we are not expecting to require the use of face covering for our learners. However, learners grades 3rd+ must bring a face covering with them to be used if physical distancing is not feasible.  Learners exempt from wearing a face covering will not be required to use a face covering. Parents should be familiar with the face covering exemptions as they will be responsible for determining the exempt status of their child.  For more information regarding face coverings and exemptions, please visit the California Department of Public Health’s website HERE. 
  • Staff and Visiting Adults: CCS Staff, families walking their learners to the classroom (Preschool-2nd grade only), visitors, and guests arriving on-campus are required to use face coverings unless exempt in accordance to CDC guidelines. 

Physical Distancing

  • Physical distancing will be required when Learners are out of their seats
  • Floor Markers will be placed in areas where physical distancing will be difficult. 
  • Classrooms: Our classrooms will be set up to allow for physical distancing.  Collaborative spaces/desks with 2 to 4 students will have sneeze guards installed.  
    1. Rooms with individual desks will be spaced 6 feet apart 
    2. Rooms with collaborative learning set-up with 2-4 learners per desk will have sneeze guards and/or taping off sections for physical distancing. 
    3. All desks will be facing the same direction 
  • Playgrounds: Playgrounds will be disinfected throughout the day or after use.  Children will be encouraged to physically distance while on the equipment when possible.
  • Lunch: Lunch will be with each Learner’s class outside, still maintaining social distancing and spacing to meet requirements.
  • Passing Period: Social distancing will be maintained.  The path will be marked with traffic flow indicators to best move around during the passing period.

Campus Sanitization

  • Campus cleaning and disinfecting plans following CDC guidelines. 
  • Space cleaning and disinfecting will be done prior to our Learners’ arrival, at the mid-day hour, and at the end of the day.
  • Learning devices and implements will be assigned to one Learner whenever possible, and will be cleaned when assignment is not possible.

Symptom Checks

  • Families must conduct a symptom check and temperature of their child prior to coming to school.  If a learner shows signs of illness and/or exhibit symptoms, he or she must stay at home.  Click Here to learn more a out Symptoms of Coronavirus 
  • Learners may not come to school if they have a fever. Learners must be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hrs before returning to campus.
  • No-touch temperature checks will be conducted for all persons entering campus at different access locations or before classroom entry
  • Designated Drop-off and Pick-up areas will be designated to ensure physical distancing as much as possible. 
  • Personal hygiene will be supported by ample hand sanitizing and washing.
  • Learners who show signs of illness or exhibit/report feeling symptoms in the classroom will be taken to the office and their temperature will be checked.  If a Learner has a fever or exhibits/reports symptoms, parents will be required to pick up the learner.