Mike Mitchell

7th/8th Science Facilitator
Mike Mitchell Picture

BSMET, MBA – Cal Poly Pomona, Pepperdine

Mr. Mitchell has had 40 plus years in manufacturing and education experience. He is and engineer by education and has manufacturing, education and experience at the middle School and College level mostly as well as well as coaching. In fact Mr. Mitchell’s teaching style is actually a coaching style. (Basically teaching them how to fish rather than giving them a fish) Mike loves Jesus and loves sharing Him in any context.

Mr. Mitchell has a passion for making and fixing things. Education is essentially making something and sometimes fixing something. He loves showing other people how to make things and fix things too. His style is to coach the learner into discovering new concepts and new applications for prior knowledge. Mr. Mitchell loves the light bulb moments.

What does a God-first School mean to him? Mr. Mitchell sees a God first school is Christ forward. Everything through the lens of Scripture and the love of God. A place where praying and sharing Jesus is allowed, even encouraged. A place that is seen as a mission field.