Mireya Lopez

HS Facilitator
Mireya Lopez Picture

B.A. – Vanguard University of Southern California

Ms.Lopez is a Crossroads Alumni and is happy to be back as a High School Facilitator. Her heart is for helping others, whether in education or missions. She loves spending time with her loved ones, watching movies, reading, and going to coffee shops.

Ms.Lopez believes that learning is lifelong. She is passionate about partnering with young learners as they continue to discover how to think critically about new ideas and the world around them.

What does a God-first school mean to her? The beauty of a God-First school, according to Ms.Lopez, is that there is the freedom to show the love of Christ and speak about it as well. She loves that learners are encouraged to explore the Word and their faith journeys in an environment full of love and care, where they are equally encouraged to grow intellectually and spiritually.