Sara Frizelle

1st Grade Facilitator
Sara Frizelle Picture

B.A. – California Baptist University

Ms. Frizelle is 23 years old. She has a deep passion for Christ, for the arts and education. She leads worship at Crossroads Christian Church, is a wedding and events coordinator, and a calligrapher. All of these titles pail in comparison to being a known and loved Child of God.

Ms. Frizelle’s love for education began in middle school when she had a handful of her own teachers mentor her and walk with her in a way an educator never had before. They planted a seed in her heart that she didn’t know was there until she accepted a job in the Alvord Unified School District as a Pre K and Kindergarten music teacher. She realized that there was nothing that brings her greater joy than to replicate the love and care that was shown to her in her middle schools years. She wants to do what her educators so graciously did for her.

What does a God-first School mean to her? A God-First School means to spread the gospel through intentionality in the Word of God as well as gracious and patient care for the learners that exemplifies Christ in action, thought and speech.