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Virtual Learning enrollment will be set at between 30-40 Learners per grade level.

Our Virtual Learning Classroom provides a safe, excellent, fully-accredited, and affordable Christian education in preparation for a seamless integration back on campus.  Learners will participate virtually in both the live (or watch the on-demand) on-campus classroom direct instruction,  and in team discussions with their classmates.  Virtual Learners may return to the on-campus classroom when restrictions lift and they’re ready to return, or they may choose to remain in our Virtual Learning Classroom all year!  Virtual Learning is also a flexible option for Vacationing families or Learners who are home sick (though on-campus tuition rates apply)!

We are proud of our school’s ability this past Spring to “pivot” so decisively and quickly from being 100% on campus to being 100% in our Virtual Learning Classrooms!  Our Collaborative 21st Century Learning environments made it possible to finish the school year with only two days lost this spring. The format, schedule and dynamics of our Virtual Learning Classroom will vary according to our Learners’ age and grade levels.

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