At Crossroads Home School Academy, we support parents as they take full responsibility in teaching their children daily at home. We encourage our families to teach Bible Study as the most important school subject of all. Aside from spiritual growth, we ensure families and their students maintain a high standard in academic growth, by teaching a minimum number of school days in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History and PE. We regularly schedule life-learning experiences through group field trips, classes and hands-on activities. Many opportunities are also available on our church and school campuses for participation in sports, music and arts, technology and community outreach.

Ultimately, CHSA believes in the potential the Lord has for each individual student and we are committed to helping our parents instruct each child accordingly, on a unique path that works best for their child’s needs.

We seek to provide means for students to be successful in their individual ability levels and strive to challenge students of all ages to rise up and become History Makers and World Changers for the Glory of the God!