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Let us partner with you through the formative years of your child’s education.

Enrichment Programs

Our elementary learners benefit from the many enrichment programs that bring the classrooms to life! Scroll through to see the programs your child will experience on a weekly basis at Crossroads School.


Our Athletic Department develops student athletes who possess spiritual, athletic, and personal integrity. Our goal is to use athletics as a laboratory to teach our athletes life lessons and skills that can be relied upon beyond the parameters of competition. We want to teach our athletes how to become winners on and off the field and more importantly to demonstrate Christ in all that they do.


The visual arts course at Crossroads exists to instill not only a fundamental understanding of the elements of art and principles of design but most importantly a God given sense of confidence and creativity. Elementary learners are exposed to a wide range of artistic mediums as well as introductions to art history and famous artists. The main goal of the visual arts program is to develop our learners to think artistically, become capable communicators through their artwork, and more deeply connect with our Lord, the masterful Creator of all things.


Crossroads integrates technology into everyday teaching along with specific lab courses in order to prepare learners to interact in a world of ever-changing technology. Whether it’s using iPads to delve deeper into a concept or streaming educational content from Apple TV, we're always looking for new ways to enhance the educational experience with the tech our learners will face out in the world. Learners head to the Innovation Lab weekly to learn the basics of computer use and receive first-hand experience and guidance with animation, video game programming, and more.


Learners are encouraged to tap into their God given sense of confidence and creativity through music courses. Learners are able to grow in their musical talents and foster these gifts for the glory of God.

After-School Academy

Crossroads offers After-School Academy programs like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), foreign language, sports, and visual arts to further develop 21st Century skill sets.


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