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The Best 4 Years of Your Life

Offer your emerging adult the opportunity to understand their individual strengths within a team, solving real-world problems, taking action, and sharing their perspective, all while earning up to 31 college credits by the time they graduate!

Graduate with College Credit

It is now taking the average college student 6 years to complete a 4-year degree, and nearly half of those who graduate are underemployed for 5 years after graduation.
CCHS provides a rigorous, college preparatory academic program under a Collaborative 21st Century framework, and offers learners the opportunity to graduate from high school with up to 31 college credits through our partnership with Hope International University. All courses are WASC accredited and transferable to most universities.

Finish College Sooner

Learners can enter the workforce sooner by gaining a head start on their college credits, up to up to 31 college credits, for the classes they are already taking at CCHS.

Save Money on College

31 College Credits at HIU: $36,350 total
31 College Credits at CCHS with HIU Partnership: $9,000 total


CCHS provides a rigorous, college preparatory academic program under a Collaborative, 21st Century framework. Our academic environment is relational in nature where all curriculum is designed to reach the whole student – body, mind and spirit. Each year, learners will experience 8 thematic units, 4 per semester, under which a specific character trait will drive curriculum in each content area, and provide learners the opportunity to not only understand each character trait, but to have opportunity to live it out.


At CCHS, learners are given the opportunity to explore art from many approaches. This includes Production Art, Industrial Art, Music as an Art, Visual Art, Business and Marketing, and Yearbook. Each art elective will provide learners with a comprehensive experience in that art field, allowing learners to grow their own artistic expression and ability to think creatively. Learners are also provided with real life experiences that they will use in their future collegiate and career endeavors.


Crossroads Christian High School Athletic Department seeks to develop young men and women of spiritual, athletic, and personal integrity. Our goal is to use athletics as a laboratory to teach our athletes life lessons and skills that can be relied upon beyond the parameters of competition. We want to teach our athletes how to become winners on and off the field and more importantly to demonstrate Christ in all that they do.


Each year, learners plan and prepare to serve on the mission field in a variety of capacities. Freshmen always serve various local non-profit organizations, which we believe is a good start in helping learners realize the many needs within their own community. CCHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors are given the opportunity to select a Nationwide Mission or a Global Mission. These locations vary from year-to-year, in order to provide learners as many opportunities to realize the local, national, and global needs that exist.


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