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Academic, Spiritual, and Social Emotional Goals

All teaching at Crossroads Christian Preschool is based on Christian principles not humanistic educational philosophy.


To help each child develop:

  • Awareness as a unique creation of God
  • Appreciation of the beauty of God’s creation
  • An appreciation of music, art, and literature
  • Appreciation of the Bible as God’s Word
  • Knowledge of Bible characters, truths, and principles
  • An ability and desire to pray
  • A realization of the love and person of Jesus Christ


To help each child develop:

  • Respect for adults
  • Awareness as a person of worth
  • An awareness of others as persons of worth
  • Inner control
  • The ability to function as a cooperative member of a group
  • A sense of security by living in a consistent environment of acceptance and affection


To help each child develop:

  • Large and small motor control
  • Awareness of his/her body
  • Habit of personal hygiene
  • Awareness of proper nutrition
  • Safety habits


To help each child develop:

  • Skills of communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A sense of curiosity
  • Personal inner creativity
  • A readiness for reading and math skills
  • Art and musical skills