CCHS Retake Picture Day

CCHS Retake Picture Day Tuesday, November 7, 2023

9th-11th grade:

Tuesday, November 7

  • Location: CCS Chapel during class time
  • Please do not wear green for picture day!
  • The photography studio uses “green screen” technology to allow for background personalization.
  • Photos will be available for purchase from about one week after picture day.
  • Event Code: FE16423
  • An email will be sent when the photos are ready along with your child’s ID number to access.

Seniors Retake Portraits:

Tuesday, November 7

  • Location: CCS Chapel during class time
  • Portrait Attire:
  • GUYS: Dark suit jacket (black/navy/grey), tie and dress shirt (photographers will provide a black tuxedo-style jacket if you don’t have a suit jacket).
  • GIRLS: Tank top (preferably black; photographers will provide a black drape for you.)
  • Please remain in school dress code until you arrive for portraits. A dressing area will be provided.
  • If time permits, senior may change to their normal attire for their ID card photo.

If you have any questions about picture day, please contact: