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Our Philosophy

Crossroads Christian Preschool is a ministry to families in the Corona/Norco community and surrounding areas designed to create an environment of love and trust where children can grow emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. We are, therefore, concerned with the whole child rather than any one aspect of his/her growth.

The early years of a child’s life are the most important to his/her development. In these years he/she develops a concept of God, him/herself, and others. This concept creates a pattern of feelings and behavior which underlies all his/her later experiences.



Crossroads Christian Preschool is a learning place. It is a place to experience oneself in relationship to God, to others and to the environment through planned guided activities. The Preschool is a place of caring, a place where each child is accepted and valued as a unique creation of God. It is a place of wonder that provides the opportunity to question, explore, succeed, and celebrate in God’s world.

Though the learning environment is planned to allow the child freedom to be creative, limits will be set to help the child learn about safety and to develop a respect for property and the rights of others. It is the desire of the Preschool to be an extension of the home. The Preschool is designed to reinforce the values and character building which begins in the home. For this reason, a strong working relationship between the home and the Preschool is encouraged.

Preschool Readiness


Preschool is available to children two years-of-age by September 1st (of the school year) and fully potty-trained. However, chronological age is not an absolute determination for admission. Many children are still not ready to leave their parents even at the age of three. This will be determined at the initial interview and in the child’s first few weeks at school.

Programs & Tuition

We offer four programs for your preschooler, and you may choose 2, 3, 4/5 days based on availability. Sibling Discounts are available for families that have more than one child enrolled in our school. The child with the greatest tuition will be billed at the full rate and discounts will be applied as follows: 10% for the second child and any additional children will receive a 15% discount. A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $200 will be charged for each learner.

Full Day Program

Available year-round

2 Days T/Th – $763 Monthly
3 Days M/W/F – $941 Monthly
5 Days M-F – $1,119 Monthly

Modified Full Day Program

Available Year-round

2 Days T/Th – $665 Monthly
3 Days M/W/F – $779 Monthly
5 Days M-F – $855 monthly

Half Day Program


2 Days T/Th – $379 Monthly
3 Days M/W/F – $481 Monthly
5 Days M-F – $568 Monthly

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

This program allows young 5-year-olds more time to develop a strong foundation in the skills needed to be successful in school.

Schedule A Tour

We consider it a privilege to partner with families during these developmental years, and would love to answer your questions and provide you with more specific information as you experience Crossroads Christian School firsthand on a 1-hour tour.

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