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This course is designed to help freshmen have a successful transition into high school, and help all freshmen learners begin to think about the future. Freshman foundations will focus on helping learners to understand what it means and how to be a healthy teenager, equip them with tools and skills that will help them to successfully adapt to high school, provide opportunities for learners to begin to identify and understand their individual strengths, as well as start the exploration process of finding colleges that might be possible options for them, post high school.


Sophomores will begin more in-depth search of possible careers and colleges to continue focus and narrow possible options for them post high school. They will also learn essential elements and qualities that will aid in building their portfolio, as to help them be competitive in the area of college acceptance.  Additionally this course focuses on helping learners to understand and practice successful study habits to implement in their courses, as well as to best prepare themselves for optimum success on the SAT and/or ACT.


Juniors will narrow down the list of colleges they would like to attend, as junior year is critical in beginning to make decisions as to future plans.  By the end of junior year, learners will have a very narrow focus on possible colleges, and have a plan of visiting their list of possible colleges during the summer between junior and senior year.  SAT and ACT awareness and practice is also a critical element of junior year, as learners will begin taking these exams. Lastly, learners will receive a college level public speaking course, during which learners will learn and practice elements of becoming a dynamic speaker.


By the beginning of senior year, learners should know which colleges they want to apply to.  The first half of this course focuses on the college application process, critical application elements to include that help learners to “stand out” as applicants, as well as understand when deadlines are for submission of applications.  Continued work on SAT and ACT skills will also be a focus of the first semester of this course. Second semester of Senior Seminar will focus on life outside of high school, the first year of college, how to build a budget, as well as how to identify purpose and take steps in living out, what each learner believes is their life’s purpose.