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English 9

Cultural Studies

This course focuses on laying foundations in both high level analysis in reading, writing, and speaking, as well as focusing on the importance and meaning that grammar and syntax can contribute to, not only the writing process, but also help to develop a deeper understanding of language.  Additionally, this course is integrated with Geography in order to provide geographical understanding alongside a literary focus purposed to broaden the learners’ knowledge and understanding of various cultures.

English 10

World Literature

Learners will continue to explore other cultures as World Literature focuses on the study of works written by authors outside of American culture.  Learners will continue to build on their knowledge of analytical thinking, reading and writing skills, while they make interdisciplinary connections, as this course is facilitated alongside World History.

English 11

American Literature

This course is designed to provide an in-depth study of American literature and ideas that contributed in shaping the writing of various time periods.  Learners will discover and analyze the transformation of American literature over time, in connection with the stages of American Immigration.  Learners will refine and demonstrate high levels of critical analysis through reading, discussion, presentation, and multiple forms of writing.

English 12

Global Studies

This course focuses on fiction and non-fiction texts that represent various perspectives and cultures from around the world.  Learners will be asked to make cross-cultural connections, develop personal positions on various concepts and global conflicts, and defend their stance through writing, discussion, speech and debate.  Learners will demonstrate college level reading, writing, synthesis, analysis, and critical discussion.