Parking Lot and Car-Line Safety Subpage Header Graphic

Please understand that the safety of your children is our utmost concern. We have many parents dropping off and picking up at the same time, so we appreciation your cooperation.

We have been warned by the Corona Police Department that they will start citing our parents for:

  • Cell Phone usage – V C Section 23123               
  • Car Seats – V C Section 27360
  • Handicap Parking – V C Section 22511.5            
  • Parking at Red – V C Section 21458
  • Seat Belts – V C Section 27315

Parking lot Policies

Learner Drop Off:   Learners may be dropped off in car line or by a parent through the front gate from 7:30am – 7:50am. Gates will close promptly at 8am and all parents will be asked to congregate outside the front gates. Learners may NOT be dropped off in the parking lot.  All learners in the parking lot must have an adult with them. If your child is observed alone or being picked up in the parking lots, he or she will lose the privilege of a Walking Pass (applicable only to middle school)

Learner Pick-Up Learners may only be picked up in our car line by an adult or released by school staff upon being checked out by a parent. Learners may NOT be picked up in the parking lot.

Handicapped ParkingThose parking in a handicapped stall must have a current Parking Pass displayed.

Reserved Parking SpacesReserved parking is only for designated staff and is part of our school safety plan. Please do not park in reserved parking spaces.

Cell Phone UsageIt is illegal to use any Hand-Held Wireless Telephone while driving. Please do not use your cell phone while dropping off or picking up your child. Your undivided attention will help us keep children safe on our campus.

Parking Lot SpeedPlease drive slowly and carefully in our parking lot while always yielding to pedestrians. Our younger learners are hard to see between the parked cars or even in your rear-view or side mirrors.

Monitor Your Children:  Warn your child about the importance of being aware at all times.  Do not assume that a moving vehicle will yield.  Hold smaller children by the hand and do not let them run ahead of you.

Car-Line Policies

Learner Drop-Off & Pick-Up: Learners may only be dropped off or picked up in our car-line by an adult. Learners may NOT be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot. 

Red Curb: NO PARKING on red curbs at any time. This is an EMERGENCY lane only. The Corona Fire Department has warned us about citing cars that are parked by the red curb.

Facilitator Attention: Our car-line pick-up runs from 2:45pm – 3:15pm. Grades 1st-5th run from 2:45pm – 3pm and Middle School from 3pm – 3:15pm.  Please do not use this time to talk to your child’s Facilitator. They are assisting our learners and must have their attention focused on all of the children in the car line. Please arrange another time to communicate with any staff member.

Pets in the Parking Lot: Pets are not allowed on campus without Administration’s approval. Permitted pets must be on a leash at all times.

Crosswalk: ALL Pedestrians must use the designated crosswalk.  Do not cut through the car-line at any time.

Center Lane: The center lane is for passing traffic only. Do not block the passing lanes for any reason and always be aware of learners loading & unloading in this area.

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