Alexis Montanez

4th Grade Facilitator
Alexis Montanez Picture

B.S. – Azusa Pacific University

Ms. Montanez is currently in her third year in education. She has served in various roles and last year was an Associate Facilitator at CCES.

Ms. Montanez is passionate about preparing and shaping children for their future. The classroom is so much more than the academic subjects. Character, responsibility, passions, and relationships are being developed. I love that I have the rare opportunity to be in these children’s lives and teach them tools to be successful in every area of life.

What does a God-first School mean to her? Personally, a God-First School means that everything we do at Crossroads has God in the center of it. Every decision, lesson, activity, etc. flows from God. He is our reason for everything. Our relationship with God is the most important part of our lives.