Amber Summers

Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Amber Summers Picture

Completion – American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Born and raised in Northern California, Mrs. Summers moved to Southern California for college in the Fall of 2004. She began working for the Walt Disney Company in 2007. Mrs. Summers worked at Disneyland for 14 years, during which she held multiple leadership roles. She left Disneyland in early ’21 and began with Crossroads School since spring of ’21. Amber is a wife and mother of two sons. She currently lives in Corona.

Mrs. Summers has had a passion for teaching early in life. She was constantly engaged with her nieces and nephews education while up north. She was the core trainer while working for Disney and oversaw the implementation of multiple new procedures and job functions. While schools were closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, she created a lesson plan and taught her eldest son skills he would have learned in preschool. Seeing her own son develop from a hands on, focused education has fueled her passion for the Learners at Crossroads Christian Schools to experience the same.

What does a God-first school mean to her? Raising children to know and love the Lord was at the forefront of Mrs. Summers mind when she became a parent. Having her children surrounded by the Lord at home, school, and church helps to reinforce the values she hopes to instill in her children. She always strives to put God first in all she does. Having her children attend a school that matches with her family’s values and focus, was one of the main factors for having her own child attend Crossroads Christian Schools.