Andrew Fanelli

HS Science Facilitator, Dean of Academics
Andrew Fanelli Picture

M.A. – Azusa Pacific University & Hope International University

Mr. Fanelli will celebrate 10 years at CCHS during the 2022-2023 school year. He also spent over 12 years in professional youth ministry, so he is definitely called to serve and invest in youth. Andy’s whole family is at Crossroads now – his wife teaches English for the high school, and his three awesome boys are part of the elementary and middle school – and they love it! The chance to thoroughly enjoy and gain fulfillment from what Andy does is a true blessing for him and he looks forward to each new year and the exciting things it brings! 

Andy began professional life in youth ministry and found his way to education unexpectedly. While working as a substitute teacher in Upland, Andy discovered a passion he did not expect. Life soon provided him with an opportunity to become involved with the world of education and he dove in head first! Since that day in 2013, Andy has found a calling he did not know was there. Crossroads provides Andy with the opportunity not only to pursue his love for education, but to utilize his youth pastor calling as well (not to mention his love for science and getting to know the world God created), investing in learners holistically. The role is truly a blessing and Andy wouldn’t change it for the world.

What does a God-first School mean to him? For Andy, God First is a statement of humility and purpose. First, it reminds those involved Who is really in control and Whose will we should truly pursue: that of God. It also reminds Andy that everything he does should be motivated by love and service, placing others first and ultimately seeking to honor God with every decision, whether it is in grading an assignment, leading a missions opportunity, or having a conversation with a learner, parent, or colleague. God First reminds us to continually commit to humbly seek to love and serve others through every opportunity with which we are provided.