Ashley Arellano

Elementary Facilitator
Ashley Arellano Picture

B.A. – California Baptist University

Mrs. Arellano is currently working on her masters degree in elementary education as well as her teaching credentials with plans of working in special education. She has been with her husband for 15 years and has three amazing kids together, Brooklyn who is 14, Blaze who is 11 and Maverick who is 4. She loves being outside, exploring and trying new things and is always up for a challenge.

Growing up she was always playing school with her friends and was always the teacher. However, it wasn’t until she started volunteering in her own kids classrooms that she knew that this was her calling. She knows that God is calling her to be a person in these children’s lives that is comforting, compassionate, and patient with them. Children need and crave stability in their lives and she wants to help, alongside the parents to create that and strengthen their love and desire to learn and grown in Christ.

What does a God-first School mean to her? A God-First school is a school where God is put first. Before decisions are made you don’t just hold a team meeting, you have a meeting with God to help guide you in your decisions. God is the foundation, and all plans and teaching is done in this way. Without a sturdy and strong foundation you will fall, no matter how big you may think you are.