Bryan Richardson

Performing Arts Facilitator
Bryan Richardson Picture

Mr. Richardson loves the performing arts and all things to do with theatre! He is a Corona local who has been involved in the Inland Empire performing arts community for almost a decade. He and his wife Gabrielle love to sing together, spend time with friends, watch movies, and of course perform!

Mr. Richardson been teaching the art of theatre for nearly ten years, also working with Christian Arts and Theatre in Corona as an educator, private voice instructor, and music director. He believes that all people should have the privilege of engaging in the arts, no matter their talent or skill level. It broadens our perspectives, inspires our imaginations, and grows our hearts towards empathy and understanding!

What does a God-first school mean to him? A God-first school fosters an environment where a God-first community can thrive. Crossroads Christian School points to the truth of the Gospel in all aspects of its education program, preparing learners to enter the real world with a firm biblical faith, practical skills for approaching the world, and a community of fellow believers alongside them.