Cinthya Nasario

6th/7th Math Facilitator

B.S. – California Baptist University

Ms. Nasario was born and raised in San Bernardino, CA. Because she grew up in a low income environment, Ms. Nasario had to work hard to earn opportunities for herself. She learned that God is in control of her life and that everything happens with a purpose in mind. Her favorite things to do include traveling, enjoying a cup of coffee, and binge watching crime dramas. She loves spending any of her extra time working with the worship ministry, youth ministry, or the sound/media ministry at her church.

Ms. Nasario recently graduated with her B.S. in Mathematics with a focus in education. Since she was in the 3rd grade, Ms. Nasario has wanted to become an educator. It was her 3rd grade teacher that made an impact in her life and became a role model for her. Later in life during junior high, Ms. Nasario began to fall in love with math. It is evident that God instilled this desire and passion for education and math throughout her life. Now she wants to share this passion with each of her learners and become a role model in their lives.

What does a God-first School mean to her? Ms. Nasario believes that a God-first school has to be pursuing God in everything. This perspective views God as the central purpose in education. She believes that a God-first school is constantly making a point to share the gospel within the everyday learning experiences of each class. To her, a God-first school also teaches the importance of having God first in each person’s life.