Eric West

HS Bible Facilitator & Dean of Men
Eric West Picture

M.Ed. & M.Th. – Azusa Pacific University

Mr. West comes into Education after 15 years in full time ministry. He has worked mainly in Youth Ministry but had some time as Lead Pastor, Family Ministry and overseas Missions to Uganda. He has been married for 15 years to his wonderful wife Aurielle and has two children; Elijah and Naomi who will be starting at CCES this year. Mr. West has spent the last two years getting his Teaching Credential and Masters degree in Education and cannot be more excited to be at CCHS.

Mr. West has a passion for holistic education. Education that includes cognitive development, character development, relational wisdom and spiritual maturity. The fact that he gets to do all of those here at Crossroads High School is amazing. As an educator, his passion for education is not just to teach but also to learn from his Learners.

What does a God-first school mean to him? A God-first school means a group of people committed to doing what Jesus said to do. To love God with all we’ve got and to love others as ourselves. A God-first school is committed to seeing Learners as people, not simply a potential score on a standards test. A God-first school seeks to excel in all areas but remains humble and dedicated to loving our neighbors.