Isaac Carreon

7th & 8th Grade History Facilitator
Isaac Carreon Picture

M.A. – Marist College, 3rd year PhD student – Manchester Metropolitan University 

Isaac grew up in Oceanside, California where he could see the ocean from his school. For his Bachelors, Isaac studied History at La Sierra University and graduated in 2014. Isaac went straight to grad school in Florence, Italy where he graduated with a Master in Museum Studies and obtained his teaching credentials from Walla Walla University in 2021. In 2016, Isaac married the love of his life, Victoria Magana. She is the Director of Student Involvement at La Sierra University. They have two Queensland heelers named Odin and Loki that keep them on their toes!

Isaac believes a good history teacher is someone who can transmit deep interest in the discipline, and who has the ability to engage students with the material and encourage them to develop their own questions about the past. Isaac’s ultimate goal is to help learners develop a critical mind.

What does a God-first School mean to him? Isaac’s method for education is rooting in a Holistic Philosophy. Classes are graded based upon mastery of the California State Standards and the harmonious development of the student’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. This means that students will experience equal growth in the development of their Mind, Health, and Spiritual Walk with Jesus Christ.