Joseph Whitehead

MS Bible Facilitator
Joseph Whitehead Picture

B.S. – Middle Tennessee State University

Joe is happily married to his wife, Ashley, who is also a teacher. He has been working with youth for most of his life in both a professional and volunteer role, spending time with the YMCA prior to becoming a teacher. In his free time, he loves going on adventures, either in real life with his wife or vicariously through books or media.

He has had many roles over the years with organizations that help empower youth. While he feels they all have had an impact, he believes his role in education is proving to be the most fruitful. He has always had the mindset that teaching encompasses so much more than just academics. When he looks back at the people in his life who helped shape his character, so many of them were his teachers. They continue to serve as inspiration as he hopes to create safe environments and foster growth within his classrooms.

What does a God-first School mean to him? Being a part of a God-first school means that his primary mission is to bring honor and glory to God. He believes everything he does needs to be done with this in mind. He is to teach the whole student, to help his learners grow not just academically but socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Having a God-first school means that God comes first in everything the staff does. They seek His will and His guidance not only for their teaching, but they weave it through all of their actions. He is so honored and humbled to be a part of a school that upholds a commitment to serve God and serve others.