Julia Fuentes

1st grade Assistant
Julia Fuentes Picture

Mrs. Fuentes Is 42 years old, a wife and mother of three boys. She started working for an elementary school at the Corona Norco Unified School District back in 2005 and worked there as a noon supervisor for 5 years. She then stopped working for 5 years because she wanted to dedicate time for her new born. Mrs. Fuentes went back to work to the same school she worked for at CNUSD and worked there for another 6 years. She also worked there as a noon supervisor and she also volunteered to do many other things like, translating for parent teacher conferences, before school tutoring, zoom meetings etc… she always liked helping in the office, helped teachers or whatever she had the opportunity to do, because she liked learning a little bit of everything! She’d always say, that one day all the learning will be useful and help her grow.

Mrs. Fuentes knew she loved working with children when she first became the room mom of her son’s kindergarten classroom. Ever since she would be the room mom every year until her son finished 6th grade. Even though Mrs. Fuentes loved her job as a noon supervisor she knew there were other opportunities out there for her to purseu and continue to grow. She loved the fact that students at the school she worked for loved her as a noon supervisor and students always knew they can trust her and count on her. When Mrs. Fuentes started helping inside the classrooms and saw how students learned so much with just a little bit of help and how proud they felt about themselves, she knew in her heart that’s what she wanted to do. Mrs. Fuentes last day of work for the elementary school was in August of 2022 because she was presented with the opportunity to join Crossroads Christian School and she feels very happy and Blessed to be working with an awesome team.

What does a God-first School mean to her? A God First school means always putting God First in everything. She will continue to allowed God to lead her and guide her every step of the way in this new journey in her life.