Malia Flaugher

Preschool Assistant Teacher
Malia Flaugher Picture

A.A. – Riverside Community College

Ms. Malia is a preschool assistant at Crossroads Christian School. She love Jesus, dogs, the beach, and sunsets. Her favorite thing to do is sing and worship the creator. She also serves at HSM and is passionate about the younger generation and mentoring them throughout their walk with Christ. She has seen the Lord transform her heart completely from when she was a teenager to now and loves to share about the love of God because of what He’s done for her. She is grateful to be following a dream of hers to work with children and she is expectant for all the Lord is going to teach her this year.

Ms. Malia has always been passionate about education since she was a junior in high school. She was always advised to not work as a teacher but she fasted and prayed after being full time at a job she loved for 4 years and God set a fire in her heart for education and preschoolers. She believes it’s important to have passionate, Jesus-loving teachers that can educate, love and serve the younger generation well to help build future disciples that will glorify God in all they do because of who they had to be an example in their lives when they were younger.

What does a God-first School mean to her? What a God-First school means to Ms. Malia is making sure that each day at school starts and ends with Him. Every decision big or small, every response you make towards those around you, everything you produce at school as a Facilitator, Assistant or Learner should glorify and please Him because it’s all for His glory.