Ryan Petrich

MS Director, 8th Grade Language Arts Facilitator
Ryan Petrich Picture

B.A. – California Baptist University

Ryan has been in education for 11 years. He has spent 5 years teaching first and second grade and 6 years in middle school. This is his second year as the CCMS Director. He is married to his beautiful wife, Alyssa and together they have their son, Rhys. Some of his hobbies are biking, reading, beach trips, soccer, and video games. He is regularly attending Crossroads Church on Wednesday Nights and Sunday Mornings, so feel free to say hi next time you see him.

For Ryan, education is what fuels him. He loves being able to interact with middle schoolers on a daily basis and guide them through Language Arts skills, but more importantly through this critical time in their life. He is committed to developing the whole learner: body, mind, spirit; and doing so in partnership with the families. Being in education is truly one of the best gifts in his life and he looks forward to each new day and the new challenges and triumphs that come with it. He truly believes in the next generation and is excited to pour whatever he can into it.

What does a God-first School mean to you? A God-First School is a school that seeks God first in all things. It is a school that leads through the wisdom of the Bible, the grace of God, and the unconditional love of Jesus. It is a school in which character is valued in our learners and staff more so than a grade letter. Throughout our campus (classrooms, courtyards, playgrounds, lunch tables, etc) the love of God should be evident.