Here's how to fundraise moving forward

Terrific 10 competing Thursday, October 5: 

Hennebelle vs. DiPalma
Madden vs. Montez
Forte vs. Thomson
Depriest vs. Dunn
Vera vs. Massou

Tomorrow, the Terrific 10 will become the Sweet 6 and compete the same day to determine our Final 4. The Final 4 classes will compete on Friday to get us to one class champion!

Your learner will receive shots this Thursday according to the money they fundraise in this new week:

  • Every learner = 2 free shots 
  • Every $20 raised (up to $100) = 1 additional shot (worth 1 point each) 
  • Every $50 raised over $100 = 1 Moneyball (worth 5 points each) 

Shots for Thursday will be calculated based on funds raised by midnight tonight. If you advance to Friday’s competition, you will have until Friday at 11am to raise funds for additional shots in the free throw competition that afternoon that will determine the championship class! 

What is Warrior Jam?


Warrior Jam is a basketball shooting tournament fundraiser that will take place Sep 15 – October 6.  The tournament will be broken down by each class. Each learner will be automatically awarded two basketball shots per competition round, until or unless their class has been eliminated from the competition brackets. Learners will earn additional opportunities to shoot a basket based on funds raised.​

Our fundraising goal is $100,000.

In total, our learners are striving to raise $200 or more

We are fundraising for the following:

  • STEAM rooms (technology upgrades, room development, furniture, etc.)
  • Infant/toddler renovations
  • Tech refresh (iPads, TVs, Chromebooks)
  • Outdoor classroom

How to donate/support:
Supporters can donate online via 99 Pledges.

Competition dates:

basketball hoop
  • Initial Seeding for TK-12th grades. Sep 11 – 12
  • Fundraiser kickoff – September 15
  • Round 1 – September 21 & 22
  • Sweet 16 – September 28 & 29
  • Elite 8 – October 5
  • Final 4 – October 6
  • Championship – October 6

Donation Incentive levels:

• Highest raising class + winning class get a movie theater field trip
• Highest top three raising learners get to be Director for the day
• Donut bar for any class that raises $4,000 or more
• Raffle for families that raise $1,000 to get 6 reserved seats at the Christmas show of their grade level
• Raffle for everyone who raises $1,000 or more, for a reserved parking spot
• Raffle for families who raise $300 for free after school care for one learner for a month
• Raffle for families who raise $1,500 for free enrollment fees for one learner for the 2024-2025 school year

Competition guidelines

  • During seeding week, each learner in each class will be awarded 2 shots.
  • Classes will be placed in brackets for round 1
  • Each learner will automatically be awarded 2 shots per round regardless of the amount of funds raised. Learners will have the chance to earn more basketball shots with funds raised:
  • The funds raised to determine the number of shots a student will shoot, will be calculated from Wednesday through Tuesday, prior to each competition date.
  • 2 shots awarded per round
    • 1 additional shot for every $20 raised up to $100.
    • 1 Moneyball shot for every $50 raised above $100
      • ex: if a child raises $320, they will get two shots automatically, 5 additional shots for the first $100 raised, 4 Moneyball shots for hitting each of the $150, $200, $250, and $300 levels, totaling 11 shots.
  • Moneyball shots are worth 5 points each for competition scoring purposes, regular shots (2 automatics and up to 5 shots for the first $100 raised are worth 1 point each).
  • TK – 12th grades will participate in a single elimination tournament.
  • You might consider strategizing and spacing out donations each week to extend the number of shot opportunities your student has, keeping in mind there is no guarantees of a class moving forward in the competition.
  • TK & K will shoot on a 7- foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 27.5” ball.
  • 1st & 2nd will shoot on an 8- foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 27.5” ball.
  • 3rd – 5th will shoot on a 9-foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 28.5” ball.
  • 6th – 12th will shoot on a 10-foot hoop from an appropriate distance with a 29.5” ball (girls will shoot with a 28.5” ball).