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100% of Graduates Accepted to 4-Year Universities

Among the graduating classes of CCHS, 100% of graduates who have applied to a 4-year university have received acceptance. Click the button below to see the list that boasts all universities that CCHS learners have been accepted to thus far.

A Unique Academic Environment

Crossroads is a high-level academic organization and includes challenging and relevant content as a part of every course, but we do not stop there. Our content seeks to go beyond the classroom, facilitating practical life experience and developing life-long skills that will serve our learners well as they progress into higher academia and beyond.

Collaborative Learning

The collaborative learning model seeks to develop social skills within learners to prepare them for the 21st century workforce and higher education. Working and learning together and from each other is foundational for CCHS. Effective communication and conflict management skills, and learning not only to be their best but bring out the best in their peers is a key component to effective education.

Project Based Learning

The collaborative learning model is centered around project-based learning in which learner teams are working to complete challenge-based tasks that apply the knowledge they have gathered prior to coming to class via a school-wide “flipped classroom” methodology. Learners gain foundational facts and concepts through completing eLabs before they come to class so that they can apply this knowledge to real-world, hands-on projects that exercise and achieve higher level thinking and problem-solving skills.

College Preparatory & Standard Diploma Tracks

All courses are WASC & University of California approved and both a standard diploma track and college preparatory track are available options after successful completion of the first year of high school.

College and Career Ready

Learners perfect technological abilities, communication skills, the ability to ask and answer critical questions, and are challenged to grow in a holistic and meaningful way that prepares them well for whatever their next steps may be. Leading out in this effort is our College & Career Class that is built into each year of high school.

Developing Meaningful Relationships

Small class sizes and a low learner to facilitator ratio create opportunities for one-on-one attention and assistance, a comfortable and relational atmosphere in which everyone is connected to, knows and values everyone else, and where learners are free to ask questions, learn and grow alongside their peers in trusting, real relationships, and safely explore who God made them to be. Every learner at CCHS is a part of the family and is encouraged to bring to the table that with which they are uniquely gifted.

Integrated Class Blocks


Our curriculum features integrated courses that pair together as part of our block schedule: Humanities (English and History, STEAM (Science and Math), Foreign Language (Spanish), Bible – College & Career.  While each course is separate on transcripts, they are facilitated together to provide meaningful links to content.

Graduation Requirements


Crossroads Christian High School maintains a holistic philosophy of education, preparing learners not only academically for any college or university they would like to pursue, but socially, spiritually, and professionally as well. In keeping with this philosophy, CCHS offers a dual track system for earning a high school diploma. The first track, on which all incoming CCHS Freshmen begin, is the University of California College Preparatory Diploma Track. The second option, offered as a choice for sophomore through senior year, is the Standard Diploma Track.

Preparation for College